Lawson’s bar

Cafe Begemot

The history of present Scot William Lawson has been immortalised in 1849 when its nice name named not less nice for whisky which by our time has had time to subdue the whole world. In Moscow not last role in popularisations not only a drink, but also the country of its origin Dmitry Sokolova's Lawson’s bar has played. From the moment of institution opening in 2012 here much has changed: cocktails have got original colonial subjects and have ceased to be the soloist, having given way to noble grades of the main Scottish drink and rare copies крафтового beer. The menu was condensed with novelties from Foggy Albion which with pleasure eat greedily a solid kind of the man, for a long time learnt to distinguish classical style from a rapid fashion. Among them, by the way, it is a lot of fans of football club Chelsea who have chosen Lawson’s as headquarters. Such picture demands a corresponding soundtrack: the aether was filled with a blues, a jazz and fate. It would be pleasant to mister Lawson.

Call: +7 (495) 649-01-89 from 12:00 and Sa, Su from 14:00

Moscow, Blagoveshenski per., 1А
OPEN Wine&table

Cafe Begemot

Sergey Dushkov also brand-chef of the restaurant Lesartists and gastro-bar One More Beer & Wine, in the OPEN Wine&table focuses on the bright, original small food.

Small food and hot meals are chosen so that as closely as possible "combined" with the wine card. Each dish can pick up wine of different styles and price range. The wine list is presented Classics Old and New World, French, Italian and German hits, Russian wines, which have already gained popularity.

Call: +7 (985) 258-15-55 from 12:00 to 0:00

Moscow, Malyy Patriarshiy per., 5, с 1

Cafe Begemot

It is tasty, cosy, home-style.

All concept of cafe "Begemot", from an interior to the menu, is cast by the greatest product of the present, Michael Bulgakov's product "The Master and Margarita". And the cafe is located on the bank of the well-known and most beautiful Patriarchal ponds in the heart of the present Moscow.

Here it will be pleasant to admirers of talent of the classic of the present and for other reason, after all so it is pleasant to remember behind a cup of coffee of a line from favourite product. For this purpose simply enough to take one of book copies on regiments which it is possible to reach a hand. The cafe interior cosy, warm and sincere, here pleasantly and to have breakfast before the beginning of day, and to have dinner with partners, and to spend romantic appointment!

All exclusively quality products. Having visited us all time, many become repeat clients of cafe. We hope, as you join us and will drop in in the Begemot on the Patriarchal ponds!

Call: +7 (495) 505-16-86 or +7 (495) 979-56-36 from 10:00 to 23:00

Moscow, Bolshoy Patriarshiy pereulok, 12, с 1


Cafe Begemot

Cafe with the telling name. Strudel on sale there are 11 kinds selling them huge chunks, with good ice cream and more than interesting sauces. In addition there is a sweet and simple food, cooked in a well-to-date style (and deserves a separate story) Chef - Dutch Antoine Visser.

Call: +7 (499) 391-71-42 from 11:00 to 22:00

Moscow, Bolshoy Patriarshiy pereulok, 8
Bread and Wine

Cafe Begemot

The name "Bread and Wine" (rus - Хлеб и Вино) perfectly captures the essence of the shop-bar, which can be: easy to pick a good wine, take it with you, or try the same price on the spot. At the request of a glass of wine can be supplemented with freshly baked bread and tapas with a variety of snacks.

Call: +7 (495) 122-00-44 from 11:00 to 00:00

Moscow, Bolshoy Patriarshiy pereulok, 12, с 1

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